Waste Management

Roska is an automated IoT based solution for wast collection in big cities. Our sensor kit, easy UI and data analytics bundle helps you to keep your city clean collecting wast on need to collect (NTC) way. Its cost effective, fast and simply manageable.

In Short

  • Sensor triggered monitoring system of Big dustbins. When it's full, get alarm from it.
  • Managed waste collection makes less use of human and more automation.
  • Track the big dustbins of your city and use a data analysis based waste collection UI.
  • Easy UI will guide you to your last dustbin of the day.
  • Make use of available dumping locations.
  • Calculate total waste per area.
  • Sorting the waste and process it for various recycle productions.
  • Pre-production is fully done by Roska®
  • Redistribute work load and keep the environment better.

Roska® Portal


With an intelligent backend data analysis and easy visible graphics, gives an overall idea of your waste collection, dumping management and sorting pre-production of wastes. Our support for Microsoft Power BI integration will also help you to forecast your business line


Sensor Kit

The sensor kit has battery which will last for minimum 6 years and accompanied with linear sensors. The sensor works for both X and Y axis. Full waste bin is covered with linear sensing and when it reaches the scale, you will get alarm.
The sensor kit is coming with package Roska® and customer need to attach only data enabled SIM for data upload and download.


Data upstream is around 90% and downstream will take the rest. Customer need to have a data plan for each sensor. Tunninen Oy can help you to measure daily data consumption


Roska® UI

User interface is as easy as operating simple smart phone application. Even more easy than that. We have made local survey with garbage collectors who uses crane enabled truck with heavy loads. According to the results, the UI was built.

Android based device is installed with data plan and includes start and stop button. We also have device login system which comes with by default start screen.

Please consider that the data plan must have more than 70% downstream that upstream for UI