About Us

About Tunninen Oy Finland

  • Founded with the pure aim for Integrations (IT), Industrial IoT(Internet of Things), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cyber Security in 2006.
  • Taking entire market with a storm of benchmark, Tunninen Oy Finland is in the high-end techno segment in Finland.
  • We have masterd the challanges of IT Infrastructure and Security of our clients’ business by sheer hard work and dedication towards 500+ successful projects.
  • Located in Helsinki region, a techno futuristic city and capital of Finland.

Partnership with Microsoft

  • Organization Partner ID ( MPN): 2553970
  • Partner since 2006
  • Reseller of Microsoft products e.g. O365
  • Using Azure for all cloud solutions
  • Data analysises are based on HDInsight
  • Energy consumption product is based on SQL.
  • Our programmers are highly experienced in C#, ASP.NET platform and Xamarin
  • We are building websites in Azure
  • We use embedded Power BI for data visualization

Company details

Legal name. Tietotekniikkapalvelut Tunninen Oy
Company type: OY oskayhtiö ( limited company)
Office address: Itis Shopping Centre Toimistotalo 1
Itäkatu 1-5, 4th Floor, 00930 Helsinki, Finland.
Hotline: +358(0)9 272 1366      www.tunninen.fi