Integrity: We work directly and honestly. Live so that you can sleep well.

Humility: Humility is the attitude of life. We respect and accept people with different points of view. We listen to our customers and we will bring your vision forward. We rejoice in the success of others. We actively support our employees succeed in their work.

Innovation: We are looking for creative solutions to our customers. The bike is an old invention and its operations needs to be developed more efficiently. We accept the change and we can see a big mountain behind.

Equality: Respect for people related to equality. Different strengths of people create a living company. We accept people's differences and strengths of our people.

Positivity of life: The life and work should be fun! We work with a positive vibe and atmosphere we create around us, which is very enjoyable to work with. Successes offer opportunities, failures, strength and stimulate us to develop new products. This is only possible in an open and conversational atmosphere.